The Tunku Scholars initiative started with the awarding of 20 Tunku Abdul Rahman Foundation scholarships to the inaugural batch in 2007.

Every year since, more Malaysian undergraduate and postgraduate students, from all backgrounds, races and religions, various fields of studies and both public and private universities, have received the Tunku Abdul Rahman Foundation Scholarship. Since 2007, more than 120 Malaysians have received or are still receiving the Foundation’s scholarship.

The Foundation has been an ever present in the TSAM initiative. From its conceptualization to its eventual formal registration, the Foundation’s support has been a catalyst for the formation and continued efforts of TSAM.

In light of the above, the TSAM’s setting up was also done in order to ensure continued engagement between the Foundation and its scholars. TSAM also strives to assist the Foundation in its efforts to nurture future Malaysian leaders.

The graduation of a Tunku Scholar is not the end of the aspiration, but just a beginning towards achieving greatness for the nation. Together, TSAM and the Foundation aim to make that a reality.