The Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman or Tunku Abdul Rahman Foundation was established in order to remember and commemorate the contributions of the late Almarhum YTM Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj – the Father of Independence, First Prime Minister of Malaysia as well as the Father of Malaysia.

As part of Almarhum Tunku’s 63rd birthday celebrations on 8 February 1966, Utusan Melayu (a local daily) launched a donation drive set up the ‘Tunku Abdul Rahman Education Fund’, the objective of which was to assist Malay students at tertiary education level.

The launching of the donation drive received encouraging support from all parties; members of UMNO, state governments, private corporations, societies and individuals from all backgrounds.

Seeing as to how such an initiative should be made a national institution, the Federal Government established the Tunku Abdul Rahman Foundation, as it is today, by legislating an Act of Parliament known as the Tunku Abdul Rahman Foundation Fund (Act 43) on the 15th of July 1966. With that, an agreement was reached whereby financial assistance for education would be given to all Malaysian students irrespective of race, religion and background.

The first Foundation chairman was the late YB Tan Sri Khir Johari who was appointed in his personal capacity and name in 1966. On 16 April 1974, the Malaysian Cabinet decided that the Minister of Education would be the Foundation’s chairman based on whosoever was the Ministry at that time. On 26 March 2004, the Foundation was placed under the auspices of the Ministry of Higher Education with the Minister its chairman.

At present, the Foundation gives out scholarship to qualified Malaysian undergraduate students and provides monetary assistance to students from underprivileged backgrounds.

More information about the Foundation can be obtained at its website:www.yayasantar.org.my